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The Latest Cosmopolitan Sales Room offers exclusives from N4RS, releases from Damselfly, Essenz, Baubles and more~

Check it out @ The Cosmopolitan Sales Room !

*Furnitures: N4RS - Nouveau Art  Wall Frame 
                   N4RS - Nouveau Art Set - Sofa
                   N4RS - Dragon Egg
                   N4RS - Nouveau Art Side Table
                   N4RS - Kelim Rug
Outfit: Color Me HOF Mesh Romper
Shoes: Essenz’ Rhodes (Slink Av/e) | CSR
Hair: Damselfly’s Kandi | CSR
Nails: Baubles’ Gold Frame Polished Nails (Slink Av/e) | CSR
Necklace: Real Evil LUX Pietra Necklace

TP to Cosmopolitan Sales Room 

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