May 4, 2014   12 notes is up and running! Created by the owners of Ruca Tease, GachaSL  is the latest in gacha listings on the web. 

I’ve been meaning to organize what I’ve collected over the past year and so putting these items on an actual ‘listing’ site, was a new experience for me. 

If I had to rate the level of difficulty as far as navigating in its entirety, I’d give it a ‘beginning-intermediate’ level :P 

The site is undergoing more changes even as we speak. This weekend, I’m told, there will be features added; your personal page (with your listings, etc..) and more.

You can find the ‘How-To’ by clicking here….’s
system allows for you list from anywhere around the grid, at any given time. You can have more than one location as well. 

You’ll also be able to find the GachaSL Kiosks at Treasure Garden, but keep in mind that this system will work anywhere around the grid. (gee did I say that more than once.. wholly cheeseballs) 

I put a picture of the actual ‘GachaSL Dropbox’ so you all can see how stinkn cute it is. No one ever tells us that genius scripting talent can hide inside one simple lil prim eh? All you really have to do, is click on the box, and a drop-menu will give you all the options you need to get started.

I chose to lease a small table at Treasure Garden, at which the current rate are 30 prims for 75L. Not bad says I :) 

Once you’ve set up your listing page just remember to Log in, to delete any of the items that were sold. You can also add more items to a ‘dropbox’ by simply rezzing a new one out.

I need to applaud Roscko for making the website interface so friggn’ easy understand as well as Bonadea for thinking it up in the first place.

I could easily just throw together a spreadsheet on my own, but number one.. it would look like crap. Number two, I’d have to research which takes time, which I ran out of two hours ago. And Number three… its one of the more simpler SL databases I’ve had the pleasure of using lately.

Google docs is nice… but sometimes we deserve a Waldorf Astoria experience ‘ju know?

Do pay a visit to any of the links and iffn’ you need a gacha sales/trade boost, this would be a great start!

Taxi to Treasure Garden

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